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  • One more new game in development from IstiGames. Wanna now what it is ?


    IstiGames, is announcing it's 4th game in development: An upcoming unique Tower Defense game. Whanna now more about it ? Check the news or the games page. Let us know what you think

  • Two games realesing this september! Which ones will it be ?


    Two games will be released this september: "Bouncy Bunny" and "Cossaks Wars", first one will be released the next week, and the second one - at the end of the month.

  • Today, IstiGroup has 5 years since it's foundation.


    Today IstiGroup, the founder of IstiGames, is celebrating 5 years since it's creation. Congratulations to all employees with this great news, and we wish it many more years of succesful bussines ahead.